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Popcorn Hour C-200 Media Player Ready to Ship

long-awaited Linux based media player device with Blu-ray support and much more

Popcorn Hour C-200
Popcorn Hour C-200
The Popcorn Hour C-200, the latest 'Networked Media Tank' device from Syabas (the makers of the popular A-100 and A-110) is finally ready. Online orders directly from can be placed starting from tomorrow (27th August 2009 12:00AM PST) and shipping is supposed to start on September 3rd.
According to Syabas, the C-200 is not a replacement for the A-110 but rather a top of the range alternative to the A-110 for users who require the additional features of the C-200.
The C-200 main enhancements compared to the A-110 are the full support for Blu-ray discs, as it incorporates a slot where a standard 5.25" PC Blu-ray drive can be inserted which makes the C-200 a fully featured BD-Live Blu-ray player, the new much faster processor which will allow for better-looking and faster to navigate GUIs, and the back-lit LCD display on the front of the unit, which means the player can be used for music playback without switching on the TV.
LinuxTECH.NET has one of the first units on order and we will post a full detailed review here, as soon as we receive it.
Other than from Popcorn Hour directly, the C-200 can also be ordered already from several retailers in various countries. Ordering the C-200 from a local retailer might give you the advantage of a longer warranty (2 years instead of one in countries where 2 years warranty is the legal minimum) and less hassle when having to ship the unit back in case of warranty repairs. Here are a few retailers where the C-200 can be ordered now:

UK: |
Netherlands: |
USA: (enter Popcorn Hour in search field on home page)

Popcorn Hour C-200 Wiki with more info:

Search for 'Popcorn Hour' on Amazon: Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (DE)

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