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XBMC Media Center rpm for Mandriva Linux 2010.0

XBMC screenshot
XBMC is a popular open-source (GPL) Media Center application that was originally developed for the Xbox, but has now outgrown it, as it's available for Windows, OS-X and Linux, too. The Linux version of XBMC can run in standalone mode or as a normal application from your favourite desktop environment. It can be controlled directly with a Lirc compatible remote control, so in standalone mode it's very well suited for a Linux based Home Theatre PC (HTPC) connected to a TV screen or projector.
The Linux version of XBMC also supports hardware decoding of video files or streams using VDPAU and a recent Nvidia GPU (8 or 9 series, the brand new 2xx series and Nvidia ION based systems).
XBMC is capable of playing back a wast array of audio and video formats, display photos (also in slideshow mode) and show the weather forcast for many parts of the world.

Click here to download:
(file size: 34 Mbytes, file md5sum: 1b8722233acda0898183def27a231422)

Install instructions:
1) Please make sure that in addition to the official Mandriva repositories, you also have the PLF repositories added as installation sources, as the XBMC package is dependent on a couple of packages from the PLF repositories, too.
Also if you had installed already a previous svn version of the XBMC package, remove it first by running the following command, as root user in a terminal:
rpm -e xbmc

2) Run the following command in a terminal, as root user, in the folder containing the downloaded file:
urpmi xbmc-9.11-2.0plf2010.0.i586.rpm

3) Once installed you can run XBMC either directly from the login screen in standalone mode (click on session selector icon, the 'pencil' icon in the lower right corner on the KDM login panel) or from the application launcher menu in KDE or Gnome under "Sound & Video"

Source code:
Our spec-file used to build the Mandriva RPM is available here.

NEW: XBMC svn35017 (26/10/2010) development snapshot release

This is a package containing a snapshot of the current development version, it contains many improvements that will feature in the imminent new official release version called Dharma. Since this is a development version it might be less stable and contain more bugs than the release version, but according to our own tests it has proven very reliable so far.

(file size: 30 Mbytes, file md5sum: 73964a4ff0e14e68512437fbc85ee2e2)

Source code:
In case you would like to see the source code used to build this svn version of XBMC run the following command (you might need to install 'subversion' first, if you don't have it installed already). Warning - this will download approx. 860 MBytes:
svn co -r 35017
Our spec-file used to build the Mandriva RPM is available here.

XBMC home page:

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about this rpm for Mandriva, please post them on the dedicated thread on the forum at:

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